On September 28, “Rock storm” music program was held in Hanoi stadium by IB Group. Having waited for a long time, rock fans had a chance to immerse themselves in a large-scale and amazing music live show. Young music fans show their interest in and look forwards to the programs to be held by the organizing committee throughout the country. To confirm the information, we have interviewed Mr. Nguyen Thuy Duong – VEC Director – representing the program’s organizing committee.
Reporter: Nice to meet you! First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the successful hit of the “Rock storm” to Hanoi stadium! Many young audiences are very interested in the fact that the organizing committee will hold programs in lots of provinces across Vietnam. Could you say more about this?
Mr. Nguyen Thuy Duong: The youth today get information very quickly indeed! This is just one of numerous activities for young Vietnamese people we’ve taken. It is true that we intend to organize the programs in many big provinces and cities around the country. The last “rock storm” impressively hitting Hanoi with participation of nearly 15,000 rock fans there will then divert to the port city of Hai Phong and probably move into the central and southern regions of our country. What we desire is to create a really powerful rock storm that is capable of forming the unforgettable aftershocks for rock lovers.
Reporter: What a great idea matching the youth’s style today! It seems like the organizing committee shows much concern for young people by holding many programs for students. So, for what reason the committee chose Rock as the theme of the “musical feast” for them?
Mr. Nguyen Thuy Duong: In the context of Vietnam’s robust integration and development, the youth express their enthusiasm, youthfulness, excitement, progressiveness and aspiration, but they have few opportunities to enjoy a lot of authentic music programs. So, with the support of Mobifone, one of the leading mobile operators, our committee will give free tickets to all students. We chose Rock as the key genre throughout the program to satisfy the youth’s thirst for music by its features, and give them the chance to demonstrate their individuality and youthfulness. You know, both before and after the program, “rock storm” has received great interest of students who love rock. When holding this event, it sounded like we were living in a wonderful atmosphere of youth, so why didn’t we show our concern for their desire? (laugh)
Reporter: Is your company going to organize more programs for the youth?
Mr. Nguyen Thuy Duong: Sure! It is one of our important objectives. We will first continue to make the “rock storm” hit more strongly and farther with the support of Mobifone – the big supporter of ours and the youth. Thereby we can hold elaborate art performance programs with the participation of Vietnam’s leading rock bands. Particularly, famous rocker Tran Lap will appear as not only a musician – singer, but also a music editor cum stage director. We look forward to the support of organizations being interested in such community activities so as to implement many more large projects for the youth in the future.
Reporter: Thank you for the interview!