The First prize of the Northern Region went to the band Empty Spaces Band with the prize of 15 million Dong. With the melody song self-composed based on the work of the artist Hà Thị Cầu, Empty Spaces has created a unique color with strange lyrics and contemporary folk music. The second song entitled Another Life brings to the auditorium a deep space of music. Songwriter Le Minh Son gives special praise to the band because the music material is so wonderful.

Yellow Stars Bigband was named the Second prize winner with a prize of 10 million Dong and won the next ticket to the National Finals. The band was praised by judges for its excellent and spectacular performance. The lead singer of Yellow Stars Bigband made choreographer Tran Ly Ly swoon by her sexy in a natural and genuine way. The three judges felt like a relaunch of the Broadway stage with the band performing.

Won the third ticket to the National Final was F.A Band with the prize of 5 million Dong. Dark Corner by Nguyễn Hải Phong shows the beautiful voice of the female vocalist in the band FA Band. Lê Minh Sơn praised the girl’s voice is beyond the border of Vietnam.

In particular, a new band just established a few days before signing up for The Band won all three professional judges and audiences watching the show with Inspirational Band award when achieved the highest votes from the audience. It’s a G2M band with two members. Despite having a list of self-composed songs, the band shared that they had never performed on the stage before.
Appears trembling in the opening, but with the song itself composed The Distance Can Not Be Shortened made the hall cheer excitedly. The strange singing voice with romantic lyrics in the self-composed song convinced thousands of spectators presented at the auditorium. The second song entitled Facebook Love Story with lovely love story is very trending to make the audience more interested in these two voices.
Without hiding emotions, the two young members of G2M burst into tears on stage for being too happy and surprised with this result.

Chief judge Lê Minh Sơn shared before the competition: “This is a dream playground for our generation. I know young people always want to have the cultury playground to reveal their personality and the writing in their soul. This is a playground that is not meant to be a contest, but there is no winner or loser, just a song that is better than a song. So, show off yourselves on your own stage. ”

The suggestion of musician Lê Minh Sơn as the fire added to the band to perform on stage. With different musical personalities, the bands in The Finale by Vinaphone will shine in different ways.

Many new bands formed before the competition as the Solist Band, but have shown their professionalism as the stage master with the style of performing, as the artist Trần Ly Ly said was ” tonight was culminating. ” Musician Dương Cầm affirmed that ” If Maroon5 returned to Vietnam, they can’t sing The Piêu Scaft better than you”.

9LAWM appears lightly deep with the song When The Sunset Let Go by the band self-composed. This song has made judges Lê Minh Sơn tears because of the lyrics was too beautiful, too romantic in the early morning. The second song entitled The Sunny Day Behind The Back is also a song composed by the band itself painted a beautiful picture noon summer dream. The judges thinks that the band’s music is very deep and haunts by the depth of their thinking in self-composed songs.

All the bands participating in the contest with different musical backgrounds made a very strong impression on the judges.

Attending the Northern Region Finals of The Band by VinaPhone also featured guest singer Mỹ Tâm and Ngũ Cung Band. Mỹ Tâm recalled when she was a student who loves to sing, although she did not have the oppotunity standing on the big stage like this, but also make Mỹ Tâm feel young again in the music tonight.

Ngũ Cung band made the audience even 12:00 am but could not take their eyes off the stage by performances too spectacular. Especially Ngũ Cung’s song Cô Đôi Thượng Ngàn made their fans excited.

The Band by Vinaphone is a music talent search contest organized by VinaPhone produced by IB Group Vietnam. Central Region final will be held on 28/4, the Southern Region final will take place on 5/5 and the National finale will be held soon after that one day.