Thomas Anders surprisingly performed the biggest hit of Modern Talking with a whole new unplugged style (using no electrical instruments)

From the vibrant disco, “You’re my heart, you’re my soul” became the narrative, deep song. Thomas Anders was sitting and singing beside the guitarist Lars Limer in the band.

Although he performed with modest style, but when the familiar lyrics be heard, the theater filled with four thousand audiences raised and applause.

After the chorus, the end of “You’re my heart, you’re my soul/ That’s only thing i really know”. Thomas Anders surprise the audience with an English ending line that “flatter” the ears.

The description of the line means :” You are my heart, You are my soul. That is the only thing I know in the world and in Vietnam, especially Hanoi and more than that is to be with the audience here/ Let me give my heart to all of you”

This line made a lot of laughters from the stand, eventhough the song “You’re my heart, you’re my soul” sounds pretty weird.

In order to meet the audience’s expectation to reminisce about the old Modern Talking, at the end of the show, Thomas Anders once again sing this “trumpt card” the original version of it. However, he still made a little difference for the song when combine with Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.

Following the effects from the previous performance, the familiar melody of “You’re my heart, you’re my soul” began, the whole room once again “raise up”

Perhaps thousands of the audiences have stood up and dance to the music when a series of hit songs continuously be sang at the end of the show, especially “No face no name no number”, “Sexy sexy lover”, “Brother Loui”, and the final of song of the show was “Cheri Cheri lady.”

About two hours of performing, Thomas Anders and the band have fully brought to the audience every famous songs that once linked to the legendary Modern Talking. Almost everytime the melody “You can win if you want”, “heaven will know”, “Atlantis is calling” resound, the whole stand stood up to dance and sing with.

Eventhough the band disbaned from 2003 and missing “half” of the Modern Talking member is Dieter Bohlem, but the voice of Thomas Anders was far from enough to lead many people rewind back to the music that was once familiar and brought many memories.

Toward the audience, who was waiting and curious with the music that is not from Modern Talking, then songs that came from albums, private productions of Thomas Anders still brought many excitement, not getting lost from the overall show.

From the very first minute of the show, the portrait musical of Thomas Anders has expressed differently compare to the old Modern Talking from ten years ago.

The male singer was born in 1963 not just only sing disco, but he also perform pop/dance musics and funky which is very youthful, usually bonding with the audience, and he wears firm sport shoes.

The songs that have carved with his name, Thomas Anders, later on such as Why do you cry, Stay with me, This time, Give me peace on earth … its lyrics and melodies are very modern.

During the show, the music associated with Modern Talking is performed alternately and is quite independent, not necessarily a Modern Talking “live concert” . In fact, despite the producer call the name of the show is quite long: “Thomas Anders ft. Modern Talking and Band”, this was Thomas Anders’s own night and he was a solo artist with the help of a band of guitarists leader, bass guitar, keyboard, drums and electronic music.

The frame of the show is still being used by Thomas Anders on world touring shows that introduce Thomas Anders of today, as a “gentleman,” not Modern Talking as “a long time ago”.

Because of this, the entire night of the show does not have the word Modern Talking appear, but only repitition of the title: “Thomas Anders – The gentleman of music.”

To emphasize the image of “gentleman,” in the video clip of the song Stay with me, Thomas Anders even plays the role of the generous, romantic spy agent name James Bond, as a way to step out of the “shadow” that is too big of the old band.

Former member of Modern Talking, German singer Thomas Anders, will continue to perform 20 songs in the evening of 27 November, also at the National Convention Center (Hanoi).