The Band by VinaPhone is a majestic music playground with colorful, rebellious musical colors that create a contest that is no longer in the boundaries of a music competition. Showing the creativity together with the music force is quite equal, the whole band has created the flow of emotions extremely powerful in the jugdes with the audience watching The Band by Vinaphone.

The 11 best bands in the North and South of Vietnam have gathered to the national final in Hồ Chí Minh City, created a night of music festival in the middle of the city of dreams and stars.

The first band was called was Chân Tien with the Most Voted award. Praised by judges as the brightest band, bringing many surprises to the audience, Chân Tiên stole the hearts of audiences in their performance.

Empty Spaces, the band from the North, received two awards: best performer for the guitar and Third prize national for the band.

With two self-composed songs, Empty Spaces brings to the finale a unique performance with a magical yet gravitational sound, just like the music of the band.

The No Gravity Song seems to hypnotized the whole audience with a special musical material that the band calls psychedelic rock, a music that is quite strange to the listener. Musician Lê Minh Sơn expressed his appreciation and admiration for the band’s music, even though the young members were only 21 years old.

“A great music party” – Songwriter Lê Minh Sơn exclaimed with the performance of the band 17 members from the Army Cultural Arts, Yellow Star Big Band. Again, the performance of the band is beyond the scope of a contest when brought to Hồ Chí Minh city a fascinating Broadway stage. Trần Ly Ly praised the professional female vocal and this is also the band won the Second prize.

Most spectacular is the Dolphins Band, which has won three awards from the BGK, namely: Best Composer Band – Best Vocal and Best Band by Vinaphone.

With two self-composed songs called Gray and After Many Years, which is praised as a good song, the female singer’s voice is obsessive, attractive and interesting. Musician Dương Cầm said that this is the performance that made his heart vibrate the most. Choreographer Trần Ly Ly complimented two song with natural performance style but full of instinct and full of power. Missing notes, delayed, bursting BGK impressed with the female singer’s voice.

The finale of The Band by Vinaphone ended with great emotions. Musician Le Minh Son feels very proud because the young generation of Vietnamese people have musical talents that full of passion and personality. The bands were very emotional because there was a huge playground to learn and have a chance to shine before thousands of spectators across the country.

With nearly 500 entries, 100 nominees are eligible, BGK has selected 50 qualified bands to enter the preliminary round on stage and go to the final stage of 11 bands. The best in converging in the national finale is held at 6pm on May 6 in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Together with VinaPhone, our mission is to create a quality and valuable playing ground for the bands, creating the prerequisite for young music enthusiasts to reach the audience, shine and begin their professional music journey. With the development of their music, IB Group Vietnam is determined to invest all the quality in production so that the bands can show their full potential and musical identity.

Although, with a band of up to 11 bands, each band uses different instruments, different musical material, there are bands of two people but also bands of up to 17 people but the producers performed very well in their roles and gave the bands a successful night out of their imagination.

The Band by Vinaphone is a talent search contest for Vietnamese groups and groups across the country. This is a big stage held in all three North – Central – South with tens of thousands of live audience as well as follow through the national livestream system.