Sir, The Band by Vinaphone has ended but it seems the sound and emotions of the contest are still here. As a producer of this program, how do you feel about contributing a “huge” playing field for young music lovers?

The Band by Vinaphone has overcome the limit of a music competition, this is really a big music playing field for young people in Vietnam, the contest is professionally invested for the musical performance, the artists are delighted to create their own identity as well as their own musical style, which is performed live on a large stage, devoted to the audience, I am very happy that the project has found the long-awaited wishes of young Vietnamese bands and groups as well as the enthusiastic reception from young audiences.

Director Nguyen Thuy Duong and the judges of The Band by Vinaphone.

What is the different between The Band by VinaPhone and other music contests?

The Band is not a TV game show, there are no mentors to practice as well as advice for the band, the contest team. Young people are free to create, choose their own musical style, perform live on the big stage, cheers of thousands of spectators at the stage and millions of viewers on the channel. Broadcasting for all rounds of preliminary, final, regional, national final, foreigners living and working in Vietnam to participate in the contest.

Does that help the contestants?

Music, art has no limits. Through this contest, young people have discovered new things that have never discovered themselves. The competition has helped young people to express their inner strengths, their personalities, their creativity and their own musical limitations. Especially they understand the taste of audiences.

It is known that IB Group is a unit producing many major music projects in Vietnam, as a producer, what will you do to help the bands that have achieved the title in this competition continue to play in the coming time?

Through this contest, I and my colleagues found the “raw diamonds”. We will select a number of factors to shape our music, to improve our professionalism, to create and record new music releases, and to bring our groups to the big stage, to reach the nearest target audience.

Clip of the winner of The Band by Vinaphone – Dolphins in the national final.

The success of The Band by Vinaphone can be seen not only as the light of the bands on a big stage, but also the “shine” of a leading brand. What do you think about youth-oriented activities?

VinaPhone has chosen smartly as the organizer of The Band because music always touches human emotions. Through projects such as The Band, VinaPhone brand has once again created brand feelings for young people as well as contribute to the development of Vietnamese music.

Could you share some thoughts on how brands reach customers through art?

Over the past years, I have been involved in production of international and domestic music projects, along with the co-brands of VPBank, MBBank, VinaPhone and Sai Gon Beer. Different music to fit the target audience, but the general approach to music to the customer or traditional customer care is well received and farmed. That adds to the trust and diffusion of an emotional brand.

And surely The Band will have many more seasons right? Will The Band have something new next year that you can share?

The Band will be a music contest, a music playground will be held every two years for young people in Vietnam. The Band next season the core elements will be retained but there will be new elements, surprise and the young will be welcomed when the new season The Band.