"Public Relations (PR) includes all activities to help a business or an organization with good harmony with its surrounding communities."

PR Definition of Public Relations Society of America

PR Definition of Public Relations Society of America
IB Group’s PR concept orients towards marketing communication. We closely follow marcom orientations, contributing to direct effects of marketing communication campaigns.
We accompany our customers by providing the following services:

- Analyzing overall brand, communication and marcom environments of customers, proposing objectives and implementation tools.
- Providing overall communication solutions for all public groups, especially groups of customers, investors, employees, media agencies and State administrative authorities.
- Preparing short-term and long-term PR strategies which directly address short-term and long-term objectives regarding communication, branding activities, markets, promotion and community campaigns.
- Offering customers with advice on planning effective PR budgets.


Branding requires comprehensive and breakthrough solutions, among which creativity in communication is one of the most important elements to create a successful brand. Branding should be in close interaction and is an intimate component of Marketing Communication.

IB Group’s Branding services

- Consulting and building complete brand identity systems
- Determining and building USP (unique selling proposition) for brands
- Preparing short-term and long-term brand communication strategies to create values and positive thinking in the target public groups
- Establishing branding budget plans.
- Accompanying customers in conducting branding strategies.


IB Group offers overall and interactive solutions for the most common and important tools of marketing communication in Vietnam nowadays.

Marketing services of IB Group

- Brand activation
- Channel and customer oriented promotion and campaigns
- Combination of PR, branding, social interaction and promotion programs to create comprehensive Communication Mix campaigns.
- Budget preparation for Communication Mix.


All of customers, whether ordinary or national brands, have found our enthusiasm and commitment.
To IB Group, a great success is made up of the simplest things: Dedication and Creativity.