According to a survey by IEG, the world’s leading in sponsorship consulting firm of WPP, from 2015 onwards, music has surpassed sports becoming the most budget-consuming marketing field. global, with US$1.5 billion. Leading the field of music sponsorship marketing is alcohol and beverage, retail, F&B, banking and finance, automobile, leisure and technology. Of all the lists above, alcohol accounted for more than half of the total funding for music sponsorship through marketing and branding.

In Vietnam, Heineken brings the Countdown movement and DJ, Tiger and Mobifone created the rock wave, or LG with the series of music programs in Vietnam continuously since 2000. But only from 2015, there has been a boom in the trend of branding associated with music, with the banking and finance sector leading with the great success of VP Bank. The success of VP Bank lies in the fact that this brand brings legends that Vietnamese audiences have longed for but never met. VP Bank also did not stop at some events that continued for many years, making the bank’s brand marked with the top music events. In branding, the leader is the winner by creating the trend.

However, it does not mean that the followers do not succeed because music is always the “drug” mesmerizing Vietnamese. The followers have also created their own fame, such as MB Bank with Boney M and Smokie, Vinaphone with the DJ Music Festival and Tuborg with Monsoon. While audiences in neighboring countries have been enjoying top stars almost every month, to the Vietnamese audience, this is just the beginning and the branding associated with Music Branding has truly become successful.

IB GROUP VIETNAM is known as one of the leading international music promoters and producers in Vietnam since the 90s. However, the real success comes from Legends Concert, a series of the legendary world stars produced and marketed for major brands, and also create a new music market for Vietnam from 2015 to now.
With a series of legends like Modern Talking, Boney M, Chris Norman, KennyG, Yamamoto etc., the Legend Concert has awakened and changed the Vietnamese music market being worn out with the boredom of local music.
Legend Concert has created word of mouth, not only for the audience, but also for the producers. Now referring to the mag brand associated with leading international music programs, VP Bank will be mentioned, and mentioning the organizational capacity and bring to Vietnam the leading names of the world will be reminded to IB GROUP.

Word of mouth is bringing the advantages for all parties in this attractive game. With a sponsor, it is a shaping of personality that builds platforms for its brand. With the producers, it is the prestige and the foundation for IB GROUP to continue to open the door of high-end music to the audience and affirm its leadership in the market. This is not only created by the ability to produce and organize music, but also the strength and capacity of the media that IB GROUP brings to its products.

IB GROUP is built on values that are sustainable by the variety and continuity of the product. Not only is it succeeding with the Legend Concert series that is making the wind of the international music market in Vietnam, IB GROUP also affirmed its commitment and enthusiasm with the series of Dem Tinh Nhan, the biggest and most successful foreign color in Vietnam with 4 consecutive times since 2014.
The diversity is that the Legend Concert brings values to the companion brand and gives Vietnamese audiences the chance to meet the world’s idol, Dem Tinh Nhan is the variety of music products that home Production directed towards and dedicated to the audience.
To replace the conclusion, please quote from Mr. Nguyen Thuy Duong, Chairman of IB GROUP: “In an increasingly open marketing and branding environment with unlimited games in Vietnam today, IB GROUP is pioneering. create new values and lead the game “