In the evening of March 7, the concert by Thomas Anders, Modern Talking’s former vocalist, took place at the National Convention Center. That was the second time he had performed in Vietnam, after the live show in late 2016. The German singer’s charisma did not subside from the first concert. The show started at 8:30 pm but from half an hour before that, long lines of concert-goers had queued at the ticket gate. Nearly 4,000 seats inside the National Conference Center auditorium were filled.

Although Modern Talking disbanded in 2003 and came to Hanoi without Dieter Bohlen, Thomas Anders’ stages were still able to bring back the familiar memories of the ‘80s music.

The concert portrayed a musically glamorous and elegant Thomas Anders as suggested by its name, “Thomas Anders – The Gentleman of Music”. It seems that what Thomas Anders wanted to show to the audience was that he was a “gentleman who plays music” rather than “half” of Modern Talking. He wore a black vest, white pants, and casual sneakers. At the age of 55, the singer still looked charming with his dashing and cool features, energetic performances, and a powerful voice. He performed 20 songs for nearly three hours. The first part of the concert was time for Modern Talking’s famous hits like Atlantic Is Calling, Lunatic, Jet Airliner, Print 100 Years, and many others.

He also introduced some of his new songs which were released during his solo career such as Why Do You Cry (2010) and Stay with Me (2013). The familiar songs were arranged in a new style, bustling with excitement and energy. Not only Disco, Thomas Anders also brought into his songs elements of Pop, Dance, and Funk, the popular contemporary music genres.

Thomas Anders delighted the audience by performing the hit song You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul in an acoustic style. Many of the band’s fans, being familiar with the vigorous background of this classic song, were pleasantly surprised at the moment Thomas sang the first verses. When performing with a guitar, his deep, thick vocals were exalted, making it easier to evoke emotions and go into others’ hearts. Thomas Anders previously shared that he would remake many of the songs to be performed in the night for the fans’ enjoyment. Between the singing parts, drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, and other crew members also delivered exciting solo parts, making the audiences constantly cheering.

Between the performances, Thomas Anders regularly talked and interacted with the fans. He proudly showed off Stay With Me MV, which was filmed in an action style and jokingly said, “It’s me, not James Bond.” He expressed his appreciation for Vietnamese fans’ enthusiasm. “I see all of you here have a smartphone. I also have one. Let’s turn on the flash. I will shoot a video and share it on Instagram. This moment is wonderful,” said Thomas Anders. In one performance, he went down to the front row to shake hands with the audiences. Thomas’s friendly gestures delighted many fans at the concert.

The show gradually reached its peak with an explosive atmosphere at the end when Thomas Anders performed Modern Talking’s famous hit songs like Cheri Cheri Lady, Brother Louie, You’re My Heart You’re My Soul, No Face, No Name, No Number, and many others. Nearly 4,000 fans were on their feet, dancing to the music. Many left their seats and gathered in the aisle to cheer for their idol. Fans of Thomas Anders in particular, Modern Talking, in general, are composed of those mostly born in the 60s and 70s. Despite being regarded as the “older” generation, they still enthusiastically rocked the bodies to the music.

“Modern Talking’s music brings back my youth. In the past, we were only able to listen to the group’s music via radio and cassette tapes, and later on via CDs. The Lunar New Year festivals and weddings in the old days were not complete without Cheri Cheri Lady or You’re My Heart You’re My Soul. I’m extremely happy today to be able to see him live and to stand here cheering for my idol”, said Mrs Lan Phuong, 60 years old, Dong Da, Hanoi.

Ms Thanh Huong (36 years old, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) praised the show’s audio and visual effects. “I feel like I’m at a real disco. Thomas Anders is very approachable and friendly. I hope he will come back to Vietnam many times,” said Mrs Thanh Huong

Mr Viet Cuong (53 years old, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) was a little upset because Thomas Anders only performed for one night. “My wife was busy and could not make it to the concert. I filmed a lot of videos for her to enjoy. I look forward to seeing Thomas Anders in the future with my wife,” said Mr Viet Cuong excitedly.