Organizers said that when this information was reported to Thomas Anders in Germany, the singer was surprised by the love of the audience. He said, “It’s great, we’ll dance together.”

Modern Talking ft Thomas Anders & Band takes place in the capital making fans all over the country await with excitements.

Nguyen Huu Cuong – a Vietnamese who lives abroad, living in Hang Thung, Hanoi – went to the office of the producers to ask for tickets. This man showed pictures from the 1980s to 1990s, when he left his long hair like Thomas Anders and some records of the band he has kept for 30 years.

“Since 1985, when I heard the first hits of Modern Talking, I fell in love with them. I memorized every melody, the prelude, and the lyrics. Back then, me and my best friends usually look in the mirror, open music loudly, and mimicking Modern Talking. The passion for the group was further nourished when I went abroad in 1989. I decided to do what I could to resemble Thomas Anders like raising long hair and dressing like him.” said by Huu Cuong.

In addition to the audience of the generation 60s to 80s, Modern Talking also received the love of the children. A child named Pham Dinh Vinh, nickname “Mang”, living in Hanoi, is one of the band’s big fan. He remembered 29 songs of Modern Talking, researched all the information and collected discs of the. You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul is his favorite song. He aspires to sing for Thomas Anders and listen to Modern Talking songs.

On the show, Thomas Anders asked the producers to run the lyrics on the stage to allow the audience to mix in. In addition, the production crew also brought technical experts from Germany to Vietnam to control the entire sound system, lighting in the show. The band is prepared for up to five sound consoles with the same specs, taking only 40 seconds to convert when a failure occurs.

As soon as he arrives in Vietnam, Thomas and the band will meet the press. He will also sign autographs and take photos with fans after the press conference. Some fans are also expected to join the group to welcome the band.