The music night was full of the audience of all ages, mainly being 60s, 70s generations coming from many countries.

“Boney M & Joy – Concert in Vietnam 2019” was held in Hanoi in the evening of March 8 by IB Group Vietnam. This event was a part of the Legend Concert series that featured many famous artists like Kenny G, Modern Talking, Chris Norman, and so on.

As scheduled, from 8:20 pm the “dance hall” of the National Convention Center was full of the audience of all ages, mainly being 60s, 70s generations coming from many countries. Many of them wore sparkling costumes, following the fashion trend of the 60s and 70s when Disco music ruled. Joy band performed first in the concert. Getting rid of the hesitation in the very first shows, when listening to familiar prelude in Joy’s songs, many fans stood up to dance and welcome the Austrian artists to the stage.

Despite the age of 59, 60, the figures kept up the good work on stage. For them, the concert on March 8 is the flight back to the past with the old-time lively melodies. The band began with a vibrant song called “Back To The 80s”. Andreas Schweitzer repeatedly called out “Hanoi” while performing. He asked loudly: “Are you ready? Let’s stand up and shake with music”. “Yes!” replied more than 4,000 audiences.

A series of familiar songs were later performed like “Hello”, “Black is Black”, “Night of Nights”, “I’m In Love”, “Touch Me My Dear”, “Valerie” and “Touch By Touch” while audience covering two floors of the hall all stood up to dance. In particular, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 8/3, Andreas Schweitzer prepared and personally gave roses to female spectators across the hall. He did not forget to give light kisses on female fans’ cheek or hand. The band also got everyone excited when performing the song “Vietnamese Girl”, a version from the original song “Japanese Girl”, supported by the dance performance of European dancers wearing Ao Dai and Non La.

For the Boney M part, the hall exploded with the excitement of the audience. Just seeing the band’s name on the electronic board, fans kept shouting the name Liz Mitchell to welcome her to the stage. Boney M’s main vocalist appeared with a happy smile. She said it was the second time she had been in the National Convention Center.

Among nearly 4,000 spectators, there are many people whom the female singer has become familiar with. Liz Mitchell asked fans as if she talked to her family members: “What song do you guys like to listen to now? I heard someone say “Sunny” here, and “Daddy Cool” there, also “Rasputin”. OK. then we will start with “Sunny”. The hall once again turned into a Disco dance hall. Liz Mitchell performed with two female auxiliary vocalists and a dark-skinned dancer. This reminds the image of Boney M with members Marcia Barett, Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell in the heyday. Because of the cheerful melodies, the audience not only danced but also gradually approached the stage. Many of them were invited by Liz Mitchell to dance and sing with her.

A group of European youths, two Vietnamese middle-aged women, a nearly-50-year-old man had danced jubilantly on the stage, throwing aside their hesitation and without differences in skin colour, culture, age. In the audience area, instead of spending their weekend evening playing with their family members, as usual, a lot of middle-age and old people gathered and danced in the concert, temporarily forgetting about time and sorrow of their life. “I’m over 70 years old but it’s okay. It’s important that you have a young soul. Boney M is my youth”, said Mr An who lives in Cau Giay, while standing up, raising his hands, and dancing to the music.

Young audiences were also inspired by the enthusiasm of the older ones. Someone danced in his own manner, someone danced and made live stream video via Facebook. It was like a wave that could not be stopped. It moved the famous singer Liz Mitchell who has too much experience standing on stage. In addition, the following exciting songs also were performed: “Ma Baker”, “Hooray! Hooray! It’s a Holi-Holiday”, “Painter Man”, “Bahama Mama”, “By The Rivers of Babylon”, “Brown Girl In The Ring”, “No Women No Cry”, and so on. Liz Mitchell also brought the concert a quiet atmosphere with some songs like Paul McCartney’s “Let It Be” or “Somewhere In The World”. The singer humorously said that she wanted not only the audience to feel joyful but also the security guards to relax.

The concert took place shortly for over two hours. Reportedly, although the concert ticket price is up to ten million/pair, for the majority of the audience, through “Boney M & Joy – Concert In Vietnam 2019” they could see directly their favourite people whom they used to admire through VHS tape or listened to some songs via cassette tapes. This is also a chance for them to relive their youth once again by entering the “dance hall” and dancing with friends and relatives.