On Apr. 25, 2009, MAG Music Festival took place jubilantly and excitingly, attracting thousands of participants. The program was held by Minsk Vietnam Club and C.A.M.A in collaboration with IB Group.

This music festival was unique and meaningful, in order to raise funds for the demining for humanitarian purposes of MAG (Mines Advisory Group) of the United Kingdom.

The call for support for mine victims and the poor in Vietnam attracted the participation in contribution and enthusiastic support from businesses operating in Vietnam, such as Tiger Beer, Vietnamobile, Jack Daniel’s, Hoang Long JOC and Hoan Vu JOC. Also, the festival was organized in the support of Le Media, Hilton Hanoi Hotel, Hanoi Hotel, Embassy of Ireland, Xone FM music channel, Sofitel Hotel and Santa Fe company.

MAG Music Festival was not only a prominent cultural and entertainment even in 2009 but also a charity event with great significance for MAG. The funds were intended to be used directly in MAG’s demining projects executed in two provinces of Quang Binh and Quang Tri.

The third Hanoi International Music Festival brought together well-known domestic and foreign musical groups and artists like The Props (UK), Girl and the Machine (Canadian), The Dorques (Filipino), I am David Sparkle (Singaporean), White Noise (Irish), Recycle (Vietnamese), James Harries (English), Goo (Thai) and many more. All devoted spectacular rock performances in a really exciting and frenzy atmosphere.

Coming to MAG Music Festival, at C.A.M.A theater, the audiences also observed the spectacular performances of famous DJs and enjoyed the sweet taste of sweet scented cocktails as well as all available kinds of beverages. DJs coming from the Philippines (Red-i), New Zealand (DJFunk`n`slocuts), Ho Chi Minh City (DJ Jase) along with the boys of C.A.M.A. Sound System and Tri Minh (Hanoi) contributed to creating an enchanting musical playground with funk, soul, dub reggae, old school hip hop, house, techno and electro.

Throughout the day, the festival attracted people with food services with rich flavors of many countries and a fun entertainment program for both adults and children such as tug of war, table tennis, children’s corner with painting on face game, shrugging castle, kick ball into golf game, egg spoon carrying while running game as well as many other exciting activities. In particular, joining the festival, the audiences had the chance to try their luck through the lucky draw program with valuable gifts. MAG Music Festival was a perfect fun day for everyone to escape from hectic daily life and immerse themselves in the exciting music atmosphere. And more significantly, it was also a humanitarian event as it gave people the chance to support the lands and the poor that suffer the consequences of mines from the war.