In the middle of the Old City of Hue, the Liberty Stadium burst up in joy over the rich and lively sounds of Rockstorm on December 21 2007. During 2 hours, the tornadoes namely Da Vang, Microwave, Rosewood, Au Lac and Tran Lap – the eye of the storm – fully devoted themselves to a very special and exceptional night of rock, heating up the Liberty Stadium together with more than 15,000 passionate and dedicated spectators.
After over a month of suspension to warm up the fans’ eagerness, the Rockstorm has made a powerful comeback! In an attempt to raise the good spirit within the devoted fan base of rock, Mobifone awarded a scholarship of VND 10,000,000 to the Vietnamese Students’ Association to support students with outstanding achievements. In addition, aiming at raising people’s awareness and call for support for people suffering losses due to the recent huge flood in Central Vietnam, Mobifone donated them VND 100 million. This message has been conveyed throughout the Rockstorm live shows and of the world of rock as a whole.
Au Lac – the “rock child” of Hue – is not an unfamiliar name to Hue’s rock scene. Drummer Ngoc Quy, keyboardist Dang Duong, bass guitarist Xuan Binh, vocalist Quoc Hoang, and lead guitarist Minh Nghia quickly immersed themselves in the famous “rockstorm” well received in many provinces with a symphony opening the show, followed by “Rock tinh yeu” (Rock of love) and “Nhung dem trang” (White nights). After several changes and consolidation, the band Rosewood has now solidified themselves as a creative band. Hue spectators got a chance to enjoy their alternative rock and modern rock tunes through “Am thanh thoi gian” (Sound of time), “Dieu bo quen” (Forgotten thing) and “Ga lang thang” (The wanderer). The heartthrobs from Microwave once again proved to have their very manly attractiveness with their several hits: “Tim lai” (Retrieve), “Chien tranh” (War), and “Uoc mo” (Dream). Da Vang, with their tracks “Bach Dang Giang” (Bach Dang River), “Chiec guong ky dieu” (Magic mirror), and “Bien tinh yeu” (Sea of love), showed the skills and spirit of a renowned rock band which went straight to the hearts of rock lovers! Tran Lap, the eye of the storm, was profound yet powerful as always with many of his hits memorized by heart by the fans: “Con so khong” (Zero), “Tam hon cua da” (Soul of stone) and so on.
Around 15,000-free-tickets seemed yet to justify Hue fans’ love for rock. Many had to stand outside the stadium listening and swaying to the lively rock sounds. The Rockstorm is now over, Hue Citadel has returned to its inherent peaceful atmosphere, but the echoes of the rock storm will certainly remain in the hearts of rock fans forever.