Today, everyone knows how brands play a role in communication and marketing, but not everyone can distinguish between functional and thematic orientation in brand communications.


leads customer to the features and effects of the product or brand, thematic customer orientation to the invisible values of the brand, thereby building trust, pride, love and loyalty to the brand.

In the context of today’s competition, the demands are more saturated so the demand for new and higher elements leads to the innovation of products and services becoming faster. However, not all companies do this, and only a handful of pioneers or strong R&D investments are possible.

So for industries where the product or service is the same, even the same, what to do? Who distinguishes the bottle of LaVie or Aquafina bottle that taste better? Who can say that Pepsi or Coca Cola is more fun to drink? Who would have thought that shampoo was better than shampoo if they were Unilever or P & G? At some point, the performance of the product or service is no longer the positioning factor for the brand in the market to compete anymore. Instead, consumers seek out the brand experience, the value of their own use, the emotion the brand brings, the satisfaction of the self that customers find. That is when the emotional construction of the brand throne.

If a few years ago we saw a series of brand names in consumer goods, banking, mobile investment funds for football, tennis, etc., this playground is ceding to Brands are less public (TD like industry, construction, etc.). Nowadays, the trend of investing in music in branding is overriding every other trend, such as sports or social and community. The results of the World Sponsorship survey show that the investment rate for music in the world and Southeast Asia tripled in 2016 compared to 2014. In Vietnam, the figure is currently around 1200 billion 2015 (includes funding for music programs and associated marcom costs).

2016 marks a one-year jump in music sponsorship in Vietnam. Most famous music shows with the biggest names are the brands associated with Saigon Beer, Vinaphone, Heineken, VP Bank, Military Bank, Samsung, etc. Vietnamese audiences started to be “full” with international entertainment, the brands became more popular and of course awareness and communication efficiency was booming maximum

In this context and trend, IB Group Vietnam is the leading company that creates branded concept and music to create emotion. Introducing the Legend Concert series, bringing legendary names back to Vietnam in 2015 and 2016, has created a new trend in branding for brands: through international legendary music.

Heineken’s Heineken music concept, launched in 2009, has also been re-presented at the New Year’s Eve on 31/12/2016 at Ho Guom.

The most famous names such as Modern Talking, Boney M, Kenny G, Chris Norman, Yamamoto have come and mesmerized the audience and created a real fever for marcom campaigns that the brands carry. . In the whole series of Legend Concert, IB Group has joined with some of the best brands such as Mercedez Benz, BMW, Vietnam Airlines, JV Marriot.

VPBank, MB. We have become a part of the great success of the brand concept that these brands have acquired

Determining that music will continue to be a trend in branding, the IB Group has been planning for 2017, 2018 and beyond to bring the world’s most famous names come back to Vietnam. Vietnamese audiences will no longer have to wait to get tickets to Thailand or Singapore to enjoy anymore that they can meet idols in their hometown.

Our ambition is to create the most distinctive marketing and branding products through music, not only creating value for the brand but also bringing true value to the cultural and spiritual life of the public. Vietnam. That is also the motto of IB Group: