The Super VIP pairs of tickets to the American saxophonist’s concert have been booked prior to its opening. Owners of such tickets are all business men.
The live show of the world-renowned saxophonist – Kenny G – taking place in the evening of October 13 in Hanoi is drawing great attention. Besides the cheapest tickets of VND 600,000 each, 10 pairs of Super VIP tickets, costing VND 10 million each, were also offered for sale. However, all 20 tickets were booked prior to the day of the show. The ticket owners are major businessmen getting them as gifts on the National Entrepreneurs’ Day of Vietnam (October 13).
As revealed by the organizing committee, these 10 pairs of tickets offer the best seats in the hall of the National Convention Center, that optimally satisfying the audiovisual criteria and creating an intimacy and interaction with Kenny G and the band. The seats coming with the Super VIP tickets are located in the heart of the hall, nearest to the stage and are intended to be for elite and successful spectators. From such seats, all technical operations and movements of Kenny G and the band throughout the performance can clearly be observed. The transforms from low-pitched to high-pitched rhythms can also be experienced more accurately from such angle compared to other seats. Musical sounds are generally divided into frequency ranges, composed of bass, mid and treble sounds. In order to give the spectators a great experience, the sound system is arranged to achieve well-balance between the left and right sides of the stage. The Super VIP seats are conveniently located in the middle of the place where the three frequency ranges meet, providing balanced sounds to spectators on such seats.
Prior to the opening of the show, owners of the 20-million-per-pair tickets will be invited to a cocktail party and provided an opportunity to meet and talk to Kenny G and receive autographed CDs. VIP tickets – the lower class – are among the best-selling classes of tickets. They even get resold at the price of VND 18 million per pair. This shows that many Vietnamese spectators can afford high-priced tickets to attend the live show of an international artist.
So far, more than 3000 music lovers in Vietnam have purchased the tickets to Kenny G’s live show. The best-selling ticket class is revealed to be mid-range tickets (each priced between VND 2 million and VND 3.5 million).
Kenny G’s only live show in Hanoi costs more than VND 2 billion on audio and lighting equipment. The show is included in the American artist’s Asian tour, taking place in October. Kenny G will come to Vietnam with the whole orchestra that has performed alongside him for almost 30 years. The crews are also the ones that have organized the artist’s tours all over the world.