Beside for few people who comes to the stage of Dem Tinh Nhan for the first time, there is a large audience, who attended to previous ones, returned to the show. After the successful nights of the first and second, Dem Tinh Nhan 3 returned to the Hanoi audience with expectation.

At 20h on September 17th, the auditorium was no longer warmed up by the excited opening act by Toc Tien and the dance company Big Girl. The sound, light and fresh youth of Toc Tien made the stage burst.

Dem Tinh Nhan 3 really started with the impressive performances of the artists from the stage at home and abroad. Under the graceful and intelligent leadership of MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen and Thai Dung, the stories of life, love is integrated, giving viewers a complete three hours which cannot leave seat to see the program from start to finish.

After Ky Duyen, singer Lam Anh the second time to the night with sweet love songs. If “Pho khong mua” filled with emotion, then “Hay ve voi em” extremely grawing, anxious. “Trăm nhớ ngàn thương” with his lover Quang Le although not really something new appeared in an old work but still attracted enthusiastic audience. The feelings of Autumn, the season of love, the season of couples, the sad memories, waiting to remember from the song “Ngay buon”, “Hai chuyen tau dem” with cute Hue voice of Quang Le to the special singing of Thanh Ha through “Mong manh tinh ve”, “Khi em da yeu”

In this performance, Thanh Ha’s music lover is a male singer name Tuan Ngoc. The king of these love songs does not choose to sing songs that have been associated with his name such as “Rieng mot goc troi” or “Niem khuc cuoi” that surprised the audience and enjoyed the duet. “Loi yeu thuong” with two songs “Tinh tu Mua Xuan” by Xu Cong Phung and “Co Bac ky nho nho” by Pham Duy, the songs he loved. Still charming and seductive voice, the voice that almost do not need to be sad, lonely, suffering, but able to tell the saddest, most lonely and painful things. The sweetest love songs through the voice of Jade Week touched the heart of the listener. If someone is writhing in misery because of love, will feel sweet when listening to Tuan Ngoc because suffering is in the end an innocent indifference. The couples in the room are probably holding hands together because of the passion that Tuan Ngoc conveyed the song to them.


When the auditorium is almost over by Tuan Ngoc’s voice, Toc Tien is back to rock the stage with the love story with “Tell Me Why”. The young and beautiful singer with a modern and sexy performance style brings a new breath to the audience listening to the music. Toc Tien’s charisma with dancers, the sounds and lighting blended into her performance at the show. Among the voices that have been known for many years, the two youngsters Toc Tien and Lam Anh help the night with more colorful new music. Young vocalists are still young in their career but have made a great contribution to the music industry with a variety of styles that are charming, diverse and energetic.

Le Quyen brings a completely different colour to Toc Tien. The Queen of Tea shows the new song “Phai chi em biet”. With Le Quyen on stage do not sing bolero, the pleasure is only half. Le Quyen conquered fans with the new bolero song by musician Thai Thinh “Duyen phan” and in the song duet with Bang Kieu “Nhu da dau yeu – Lau dai tinh ai”

The biggest applause for Bang Kieu, the singer finally came out on stage of the night. When his voice began, clearly and highly, the applause was not stopping in the auditorium. Committed as the backbone and the music editor of the show, Bang Kieu has completed the work of connecting the love songs with the voices, the listener is lost in the garden sound romance, store love and emotion.

Bang Kieu stated that this music night was the tenth time he was standing on the Hanoi stage, but the more he sang the more he loved. He sang the song “Toi thay hoa vang tren co xanh” – the song is inspired by the famous novel by Nguyen Nhat Anh singing on stage in the country. The atmosphere is completely new, exciting and more modern than the old song “Ao lua Ha Dong”, presenting for the first time the song “Co le” by musician Le Thanh Trung and made the audience surprised when performing the song “Ve que”, composed by musician Pho Phuc. Bang Kieu’s performance continued to receive applause as he decided to give the audience a hit song: “trai tim ben le – Thao thuc vi em – Noi tinh yeu bat dau””. And finishing with the first “impressive” performance when the duet with Quang Le the famous song “Ve dau mai toc nguoi thuong”.

After midnight, but most of the fans still sit, enjoying the music until the last minute. Although there are still many things not really satisfied and have small errors, but the majority of the audience satisfied with a night music for feelings and love. The show ended in regret because there were still a lot of things left. 999 words of love in 999 pink ball covered the ball room extremely romantic, sweet. Each ribbon is accompanied by a statement of profound love, interesting that create the perfect ending for the night music that the producer brought to the audience

Dem Tinh Nhan performed by IB Group has become the Vietnam music brand that is most expect and await every beginning of autumn. See you again at Dem Tinh Nhan 4 with more wonderful things.