Information about Modern Talking performed on 26/11 in Hanoi as a huge music storm hit the Vietnamese fans, when they are not out of bragging from the music concert Boney M & Chris Norman just came out recently.

It was also very shocking for the producers, who held the show, to announce the concert of Modern Talking in Hanoi, with almost 2,000 seats at the National Convention Center have been booked. They did not think that young generations also love Modern Talking.

“We have performed many nights with international celebrities, but this is the first time we have seen a concert where seats are placed in large groups instead of individually. Fans invite each other and hundreds of people are asking for a place to sit next to each other, with the desire to be together for a night of music full of emotions and memory. There are many people even booking tickets for the whole family up to 20 pairs of VIP tickets … “- said Nguyen Thuy Duong, director of production of the show.

The producers of the show have also revealed new information on the night of Modern Talking music in Vietnam. Accordingly, Thomas Anders and the manager will be going to Vietnam to perform live in concert tonight. “Modern Talking ft Thomas Anders & Band ” on November 28 in the first class cabins and private service, all amenities like a 5 star hotel. The cost of airline tickets has cost the producer nearly 1 billion.

Thomas Anders will join the delegation of nearly 20 people with sound and lighting experts who have accompanied Modern Talking for many years.

In particular, Thomas is accompanied by a famous sound specialist, specializing in sound setup at the theaters in Hamburg and Durseldorf. The expert will study the architecture of the National Convention Center designed by German companies to present a sound layout for Modern Talking’s show in Hanoi.

With requests from Thomas as well as the audio expert, the producer will have to meet the requirements to make the National Conference Center a theater like Hamburg or Durserldorf. This is not a simple thing, because most of the band’s audio equipment requires importing from overseas. However, this is also a requirement from the producers, so they are now trying to perfect the needs from the band.

Why is the Modern Talking concert “hot”?

Modern Talking is the name that has “burned out” the hearts of many ladies around 70s, 80s generation, not only by attractive appearance, but also by enchanted melodies. Their music is as a powerful flame that connects the hearts of numerous generations.

After many years, their heat has not decreased but increased more than ever. The name Modern Talking, led by Thomas Anders, the lead vocalist of the band, has always been at the heart of the art shows in the world. The melodies accompany for many years, now become the legend in the hearts of music lovers.

In Vietnam, Modern Talking is like an unforgettable memory to those who spent their childhood and youth in the 1980s and 1990s. A nostalgic space in an old community home , alongside a cassette player or VHS video tapes with Modern Talking music that evokes a familiar image of the past. After more than 30 years, Thomas Anders will trigger the old days in his first night in Vietnam, which took place in Hanoi capital on the night of 26/11.

According to organizers, Thomas Anders and the band will perform the most popular songs associated with their names, and also associated with the generation of Modern Talking in Vietnam such as You’re my You’re my soul, Cheri Cheri, Brother Louis, You can win if you want …

The preparation of the producer for a night of music with best quality, songs familiar to the generation of Modern Talking are two important attractions. But perhaps, love of music, emotions when singing, dancing with the legendary band reminiscent of memory was far from the key point that Vietnamese audiences excitedly waiting for Modern Talking.