The atmosphere in Ho Chi Minh City has been heating up for a week now, because of not only the changing weather, but also a series of Rock shows taking place so far. Interestingly enough, people seem to be more eager to attend Rock storm organized by Mobifone than any public show ever. It can be simply explained that it is a “made-in-Vietnam” rock show that honors the Vietnamese rock besides its heat and impression gained during the journey throughout Vietnam, starting from Hanoi.
The eagerness of 20 thousand spectators at Phu Tho Racecourse was impressively satisfied with the unprecedented Rock atmosphere right in the city known for its most active rock movement nationwide. Mobifone opened the show by awarding the 100,000th fan an acoustic guitar with signatures of the Rock storm participating bands thereon. This was a memorable moment that marked the long journey of Rock storm with the companionship of thousands of fans everywhere.
Rising to stardom with “Mo gio” (Wind grave) phenomenon to commemorate the victims of Chanchu hurricane, Unlimited – power metal band from HCMC has constantly had strides in their music career. They boldly stated that the greatest power that they have was none other than the band’s brotherhood and the amazing heat robustly spreading anywhere Unlimited went. The heat indeed amazingly spread all over Phu Tho Racecourse through the song “Noi vong tay lon” (The great circle of Vietnam) and “Su cuu chuoc” (Redemption).
Another widely known band is Microwave, officially founded in July 2002. The fans can trust in the band’s ability to heat things up evidenced by a series of their shows and the FM’s rankings over the years. The “microwave” was turned on by several hits of the band, namely “Chien tranh” (War), “Tim lai” (Retrieve), “Bao dem” (Night storm), “Uoc mo” (Dream), surrounding thousands of spectators in the magnetic field of rock music.
Another band, The Light, with their straightforwardness and bravery, brings life stories to their music with their very own pride. Being an independent band who sticks to their own style of music, The Light has remained faithful to the Thrash Metal style which is complex, rough, and hard, but melodical. They satisfied Metal fans with “Mong doi mat troi” (Awaiting the sun), “Noi dau da cam” (Orange pain), “Giac mo hoang tan” (A dream of desolation). Most notably, The Light’s unique combination of folk music and thrash metal sounds delivered met rock fans’ expectations.
Vivien, the only alternative rock band from Osaka, Japan, made an impressive appearance with all very young members. The feeling of performing with several famous music bands in Japan was very different from that when accompanying Vietnam’s leading bands. Audience would find it hard to forget about the band’s songs such as “Chameleon Walk”, “Monk”, “Laundry”, and “Devil Disco”.
After several delays, Gat Tan Day rock band -the heat of Rock storm appeared with “Phan nan” (Complaint), “Pho” and “Dam cuoi chuot” (The wedding of the mice) songs. These guys seemed to be mistaken as a little batty at first. Surely, their music speaks wittiness, honesty and insightfulness, surprisingly contradictory with what people normally think of them. Gat Tan Day with their style of hard rock & alternative rock music has repeatedly appeared on Bai Hat Viet (Vietnamese Songs) and XoneFM programs.
Last but not least was Da Vang, a big name in the Vietnamese rock scene, with several music tracks which went down in history of the Vietnamese rock music.
They were “home” this time with a great spirit to bring the most powerful rock storm to their friends and fans. They showed up with their 15-year music passion and enthusiasm. After a series of songs, namely “Tam guong ky dieu” (Magic mirror), “Bach Dang Giang” (Bach Dang River) and “Bien tinh yeu” (Sea of love), they opened the door to reveal the “mysterious figure” – Tran Lap. “Vo hinh” (Invisible) and “Tam hon cua da” (Soul of stone) performed by Da Vang in collaboration with Tran Lap inspired the final “waves” of the show.
The Vietnamese rock storm in Ho Chi Minh City was temporarily put on hold in await for the next stop, but the journey of people enlightening and keeping the flame of rock in the hearts of the Vietnamese fans will continue throughout Vietnam.