After the shows of famous superstars like Richard Clayderman, Kenny G, Boney M, Chris Norman and Modern Talking and so on, Vietnamese audience is looking forward to welcoming Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Adele and many other some day.
Having experience in musical production and international shows, Mr. Nguyen Thuy Duong – CEO of IB Group Vietnam shared his opinions on this matter.
Is it Vietnamese audience’s realizable desire to welcome superstars such as Celine Dion or Adele to Vietnam? 
I could understand them on this matter. They cannot wait to see these famous stars when their shows have been held almost in Singapore or Thailand. In fact, despite the audience’s growing demand, among Southeast Asian countries, only Vietnam has not had an opportunity to welcome world stars. We want to change it and we will definitely try our best to do so in the coming time.

Mr. Nguyen Thuy Duong – CEO of IB Group Vietnam shared much information on international shows in Vietnam 
Quite a lot of foreign artists have recently come to Vietnam, but most of them just used to be famous in the previous time. Do you think that we are able to invite only such artists? 
It is not simple to organize an international show with much more difficult and rigorous requirements. Organizers should have enough experience and capabilities to study and assess audience taste and set-up organization methods, satisfy requirements, make communication and ticket sale plans and so on which all comply with international standards while Vietnam’ experience, human resources and facilities are just in the early stage, together with limited financial sources. We are completely able to invite present famous stars, but the thing is whether we can meet their requirements.
Can you tell me more about the music show production technology?
Having a high-quality musical product which can keep audience’s emotions till the end and is worth being enjoyed requires strict procedures of production and control like study of audience taste, selection of artists suitable for audience groups, use of communication methods, preparation of funding resources, release of tickets, musical edition, direction, preparation of stage scenario, flexible arrangement of performances and other factors of images, light, sound and effects which should be learnt from international producers. We are lucky to work with such producers from the US and Europe.
Ms. Theresa Taylor, President of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) in a meeting with IB Group in Vietnam 
Is IB Group Vietnam considered to be capable and experienced in organizing international shows with the participation of leading stars in the coming time?
IB Group is one of the pioneer producers in Vietnam to join international entertainment field. Our strength is gained from the combination of production, communications and brand connection. More importantly, we have been chosen to be the exclusive partner in Vietnam by the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) to develop entertainment market and invite world stars to perform in Vietnam. Working with NARIP and following our strategic orientation, IB Group has officially established our International Entertainment Program Production System. The Departments with well-trained personnel will connect with music & entertainment producers and organizations in the US, Europe, and Asia, apply latest production technologies, invite leading musical directors, and sound, light & effect experts, collaborate with worldwide equipment suppliers, make article and musical ideas with invited world stars, and make communications and promotion plans both in Vietnam as well as across the entire Southeast Asian region in order to promote the shows, sponsors and partners, so on in the most effective manner.
This first step also demonstrates the internationally recognized credibility and capacity of IB Group. With this achievement as well as success of the live show “Kenny G Live In Concert” held in 2015 and the live show Boney M & Smokie to take place on this first of October, 2016, we believe that we are capable of welcoming more famous stars to Vietnam.
It is very hard to successfully organize international shows without two decisive factors: communication and brand connection. However, we are quite confident that we could conduct creative communication campaigns based on our skills and credibility over nearly 20 years of experience, enabling brand sponsors to increase their values and marketing efficiency.

The live show Boney M and Chris Norman – Smokie in Vietnam is expected to be a great feast of music
It is proved thereby that inviting famous stars is not a decisive factor to success of a show, but efficient communications and qualified sponsorship.
With long-term vision and cooperation with other organizers, we will build up an international entertainment market and international music life in Vietnam. In addition, we are making international entertainment products so as to connect the two public groups of audience and brand market.
Could you reveal some names to be invited by IB Group in the coming time? 
Following the dedicated live show of Boney M and Smokie to be organized by IB Group in cooperation with MB and Vietnam Airlines on October 1, 2016 will be the show of two more world’s legendary bands in November and December 2016. You will see, they are definitely the ones that every Vietnamese audience will not want to miss the chance to see.
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